Traditional Sewer Repair And Replacement

Traditional sewer repair and replacement are critical to keeping your community healthy. A properly functioning sewage system helps to remove toxins and contaminants from the environment and keeps your community safe. 

What is a traditional sewer?

A traditional sewer is a large, underground pipe used to transport wastewater and other liquid substances. They can be found in communities of all sizes and are often connected to municipal sewage treatment plants. Traditional sewers play an important role in the cleanliness of our cities and towns by removing waste from homes and businesses before it can contaminate water sources.

Benefits of a traditional sewer repair and replacement

A properly installed, functioning sewer can help reduce the risk of flooding in your home, ensure that household waste is properly delivered to the septic or municipal system, and increase the lifespan of your foundation and other components. Additionally, a traditional sewer repair and replacement can also provide many other benefits, including:

1. Reduced water usage: A properly installed and functioning sewer system will use less water than a system that is not working correctly. 

2. Improved drainage: A working sewer system will help eliminate excess water from your home, improving drainage, preventing flooding and keep your living environment healthy and clean.

3. Increased lifespan for foundation: A properly installed and functioning sewer system can last longer than a system that is not working correctly. This can protect your foundation from damage over time and increase the lifespan of your home.


Sanitary sewers carry wastewater from homes and businesses to wastewater treatment plants. They consist of pipes, manholes, and pumping stations and their role is to maintain water quality because it’s necessary for good public health.


When do you need traditional sewer repair and replacement?

When it comes to sewer repair and replacement, you may wonder when it is time for a change. Many factors can influence when a sewer repair or replacement is necessary. Still, traditional wisdom is that one should never have to replace their sewer line more than once every 20 years However, there are other factors to consider, such as the age of your home, prevailing soil conditions, and the type of construction used on your property. If you’re ever unsure if you need traditional sewer repair or replacement, don’t hesitate to contact Bluebonnet Plumbing Services. We will be able to guide you through your specific situation and let you know which options would be best.

Why choose us?

We are a family-owned and operated business that provides quality service at a fair price. We have serviced clients with traditional sewer repair and installation for over 15 years Bluebonnet Plumbing Services has extensive industry knowledge and uses only the highest quality materials and equipment when installing or repairing fixtures.


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